Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Five things

Becky and Aaron's wedding was a success! It was absolutely beautiful, B looked gorgeous, and I didn't take a single picture... except for the glass of wine to flaunt to the boys that they drive slow. I need to get on Facebook and snatch some pics from friends - Pam was paparazzi - but we had fun! We are so happy for them!

I knowwwww... I promised a full reveal of our holiday decor. So how about a sneak peek? I got the hanger from Target years ago; the snowflake and "Merry Christmas" glitterati came from Paul Michael and is hanging on our pantry door. I got the snowflake this year and I am pretty sure that my sister and Jennifer thought I was crazy for hauling that all the way back but I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it and so it was totally worth it!... you know, ignoring that a flake broke off and HP had to hot glue it back on for me.

Speaking of holiday decor, I have always wanted to start collecting Department 56 (adding to my ever growing list of collecting Hallmark ornaments, UT radko, Waterford nativity). I saw this in Dillard's and it about made it a done deal! My village would totally have to have a Chick fil A! My mom collects the Snow Village and I have always loved setting it up on top of the piano. I want that tradition to continue in my household so be looking for it soon!

We scored 2 tickets to the Watch the Throne tour this coming Monday. I am so excited! We have seen Jay-Z before (one of my favorite concerts) and my sister and I went to see Kanye before ("Is this what you came for??") but together? It's gonna be epic.

Lastly, we head to Denver on Friday for a quick getaway weekend! I love spending time with Huynh, especially in Denver, but really. 28deg? And snow? It's gonna be freezing. Definitely hot chocolate weather!

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