Thursday, April 30, 2015

How Time Flies...

It's been pretty close to a year that we last posted.  We have a pretty good reason:

We've spent the last year watching this handsome little devil grow into the little goober that he is now. He's now 20 months and creeping up on 2 years old. Mommy is not a fan of how time flies.

So...Yup, I would say he's a good reason why there hasn't been much done to the house, though it's usually for us to boast about. And now that he's a little more self-sufficient, maybe, I said "maybe," we'll do a better job at posting about projects that we are working on.  There was some more work done to the game room, mostly wall decor.  Maybe Sarah will find the time and pictures to post about it.  *cough* hint *cough*

Currently, I have this bundle sitting in my garage:

This was delivered to us and left on our driveway because the forklift couldn't go any further without spinning out on our lawn and ripping it up. Two minutes later it starts raining. So Sarah and I had to quickly move all of this into the my garage. Oh yeah the plan for this cedar!  The plan is to build a pergola over/on our stamped concrete patio.  Young James has been gifted a Tree Frogs swing set in the backyard so naturally we need shade to sit under while we supervise.

Now if we can just find a weekend where it doesn't rain...