Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Good Night Construction Site

Back to that subject of priorities again!  We spend so much of our time downstairs with the little one, we forget that we set our priority to be upstairs remodeling. We would find little things downstairs to work on, and they would be little knick-knaks. You've already seen that I started with the Laundry room and the half bathroom. We are very pleased with them of course, but again delays upstairs progress. Then there are things that we'd like to make more pleasing to our eyes like changing some of the AC vents to bright white and changing door knob handles to satin nickel handles.  
Another frustrating item is changing out door hinges to nickel hinges. The previous owner, maybe even the builder, decided to fill in the hinge screws with wood filler before painting them. So the process of digging out the screws then unhinging took a bit of time.
The time spent on these items were all well spent, just out of order. So re-prioritizing puts us at DEMOLITION of the J&J bathroom and the Guest bathroom. These pictures are results of bribing family with dinners for their labor.

{naked shower}
The cultured marble took a little muscle to rip off, but we're glad we did it. This shower obviously hasn't been inspected, in probably the 20 years of the previous owners' occupancy.  There was some mold on the backer boards from water leakage, so we will be replacing all of that also.

{not so vain anymore}
We demo-ed the vanities in both bathrooms. The were built-in, so we had to take hammers to it rather than a simple pull out.

Our temporary storage for all of the demolition were the rooms themselves. The carpet being pretty close to the top of the list to be ripped out was a plus for us to not worry about throwing all this trash atop.

And this is where it all ended up.  Home Depot sells these bags ($30) that you can set on your driveway for trash collection. The bag was 3 cubic yards (2 ft by 4 ft by 8 ft) and we were able to fit both showers, both vanities, and tile and mortar from both floors. You just have to go to and schedule a pick-up date. They'll come with a dumpster truck equipped with a hydraulic arm to pick it up into the truck, as simple as that.  
It didn't look like we had room in the bag for the mirrors and the shower backerboards and so we didn't take them down.  Or that may be our excuse for now.  They may end up as part of our weekly trash pick-ups.
Thanks to my family for helping out with the demolition.  Now on to the remodel part!

What have you demolished lately?
Any thoughts on what we could have done better?

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Sorry, we apologize for being so absent, but remember that butcher paper of To Do's that I taped on our living room wall?  Well, we got to cross something else off the list.


Yup!  We have a happy healthy baby boy.  Obviously, this has been the reason why our postings have been slow.  Please forgive us!!  I am still trying to work about an hour a day on the house, after spending time with my son, of course.  But waking up at 5 am to work 9-hour days and spending time with the little addition will make progress on our house a little slow.  We do have deadlines (or dates we'd like to meet) in place and we will try to post our progress as much as possible.

I have been able to finish painting the Laundry room and the half-bathroom has had quite a facelift.  Also, demolition on the J&J bathroom is well under way.  Pictures coming soon!!!