Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Sorry, we apologize for being so absent, but remember that butcher paper of To Do's that I taped on our living room wall?  Well, we got to cross something else off the list.


Yup!  We have a happy healthy baby boy.  Obviously, this has been the reason why our postings have been slow.  Please forgive us!!  I am still trying to work about an hour a day on the house, after spending time with my son, of course.  But waking up at 5 am to work 9-hour days and spending time with the little addition will make progress on our house a little slow.  We do have deadlines (or dates we'd like to meet) in place and we will try to post our progress as much as possible.

I have been able to finish painting the Laundry room and the half-bathroom has had quite a facelift.  Also, demolition on the J&J bathroom is well under way.  Pictures coming soon!!!

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