Tuesday, October 15, 2013

On Your Mark...

Hi there!  Just found two minutes, so I thought I'd drop in and show some pictures of us getting ready.

 {control center}

We are getting carpet installed in the next two weeks, so we ripped out the carpet of the entire upstairs and made the game room our main control center, i.e. equipment and tool storage. And since were are planning on repainting all the walls upstairs, we used the game room as the painting center. All of the doors were removed and lined along the wall and sprayed. Thank goodness for the Wagner sprayer and hungry family members.


There's a lot of trust hanging out there for me to let someone else do the painting. But for the sake of getting it done, and also Simply White being on top of a previous white paint making imperfections less noticeable, I loosened the reigns a smidgen.

Sarah and I have been touching up other things upstairs like the closets, bookshelfs, and built-in desk. We've also gotten the bathrooms prepped for tiling. So, be on the look out for my 2-minute-drop-in picture updates.

Happy Remodeling.