Thursday, June 4, 2015

Mr. Golden Sun

Every house that has a toddler knows this song! We have the version sung by Raffi playing ... yup! pretty much EVERY car ride home from daycare. 

We here in the south have been stuck indoors due to the much needed rainfall. But, for me to work on this pergola, we, including James, had to sing the rain away. And sure enough, Mr. Golden Sun came to shine on us.

I was able to squeeze in some progress. One row of the main beams are up! But then because of the rare sunshine, we decided to go get us some Snowballs!

{Breaking the Ice}
James and I are waiting under the picnic table umbrella while "Mommy" buys the snowballs. You can see Sarah in the back but I wanted to capture how long his curls have gotten.  Hint to Mommy!

Maybe I'll be able to get more done with this week of forecasted sun. Anyone have mosquito repellent suggestions?