Monday, November 28, 2011


Swoon... Black Friday.

{amazon - still on sale!}

Knowing us, you know we stocked up on Movies... 18 to be exact. I saved the most on Water for Elephants on Blu-ray (29 smackeroos to be exact) and most excited about North by Northwest (one movie closer to collecting all 100!). We were at Wal-mart and 10p on Thursday, Target at midnight, at 2am. Not too shabby. So, what all did we snag? Provided in alphabetical order:
  • Bad Teacher DVD (spent $10, saved $9.99)
  • Bride Wars DVD (spent $1.96, saved $3.04)
  • Ghostbusters Blu-Ray (spent $9.99, saved $10)
  • Gremlins Blu-Ray (spent $9.99, saved $14.99)
  • Hall Pass Blu-Ray (spent $10, saved $10)
  • Horrible Bosses DVD (spent $9, saved $6)
  • HIMYM Season 6 DVD (spent $12.99, saved $17)
  • Inception Blu-Ray (spent $7.99, saved $12)
  • Knight and Day Blu-Ray (spent $7.99, saved $22)
  • Letters to Juliet DVD (spent $3.99, saved $9.01)
  • Modern Family Season 2 DVD (spent $12.99, saved $27)
  • North by Northwest Blu-Ray (spent $13.99, saved $21)
  • Pulp Fiction Blu-Ray (spent $3.99, saved $11)
  • Shawshank Redemption Blu-Ray (spent $5.99, saved $14)
  • Sherlock Holmes Blu-Ray (spent $7.99, saved $12)
  • The Time Traveler's Wife DVD (spent $3.99, saved $5.01)
  • Water for Elephants Blu-Ray (spent $10.99, saved $29)
  • Weeds Season 6 Blu-Ray (spent $13.99, saved $25.98)
Phew. Busting out my calculator and including those things which were taxed - five we bought on Amazon so tax-free!, we WOULD have spent $438.04... but didn't. Total came to $165.98 with a total savings of $272.06. Bam.

I love this holiday.

We also hit up Sears the following morning for a tool chest and scored this one for 50% off!

Yup. I know nothing about it other than Huynh was excited (he had been looking for one for awhile) and we had to haul it all the way back from WF to Houston down I-35 in holiday traffic. But you know there will be pictures soon... as soon as we both shake strep throat. It appears we shared more with family then why we were thankful for them.

You know what this means then... we will be reorganzing the garage, reorganizing the entertainment center, and lying on the couch watching movies and eating ice cream... you know... for our throats.

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