Thursday, November 24, 2011


Huynh. My family. His family. Gatsby. My job. Food on the table. Cherry yum-yum. Unseasonably warm Novembers. Friends getting married. Golf. Disney World family vacations. Educated Guess. Huynh's job. Two cars. Our house. Boston. Watching The Price Is Right with the kids (they get so into it!). Texas. UT football. My brother being born (35 years ago today!). My mom being born (... years ago today too!). Happiness. Fun. My mind. The sunrise and sunset. Sweet tea. Rain. Rainbows. Internet. My iPhone. Pride and Prejudice. Blogs. Time. My bed (and my new bedding). Music. Love. IKEA. West Elm. Hot chocolate with marshmallows. Life's challenges. Heartbreaks. Life. Mother Nature. Christmas. Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me on long road trips. Oxygen. Tears. Mail. The moon and stars. Five senses. HLSR. Chicago. Foreign languages. Telephone. Light bulbs. 27 Dresses. When Harry Met Sally. Vices. Toothpaste. Benetint. Family traditions. PW's cinnamon rolls. Black Friday. Spring Break. July 4th. September 30th. Dwight Schrute. Chanel. Newly sharpened pencils. Sauteed Mushroom. Sauteed onions. Vanilla candles. Reconnecting with friends. 9-80's. LMGTFY. Emoticons :). Cookbooks. Queso. Huynh's Pho. Highlighters. Swings. Snow falling in Colorado. Hugs. Kisses.

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all.

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