Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Heard of The Pewter Co.?

Well, I guess I should back up. We had zero serving pieces which was horribly embarrassing. So I succumbed to the craze and picked up the Missoni Two-Tiered Serving dish way-back-when there was the super rush to Target and I spent WAY too long refreshing the online store.

Huynh thought I was crazy for picking this out but honestly some thought went into it. I knew the white would go with our dishes - especially since I hope to eventually get those serving dishes as well and the touch of orange would go with our UT football watching parties. And, as insane as it looks, let's be real. It's pretty neutral. So into my cart it went and a few weeks later, it was on my door step. And that was it. That was all we had.

So this past weekend at Canton, we made our normal stop at The Pewter Co. booth which we mainly do for gifts but this year, I actually picked up some dishes for myself!

I'm not a fan of traditional chip and dip serving dishes for anything other than veggies so I knew this would be a perfect compromise and a good start. I know I will find all sorts of uses for the 3 bowls (especially the larger one) individually as well and when it comes time to bust 'em out, I won't be embarrassed anymore of our plastic, mismatched bowls! And bonus: they still match the Missoni. Score one for me.

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