Monday, November 7, 2011

Canton goodness

Canton was. a. hit. and I found IT.

Tucked on Row 46 was this yellow beauty. It's teeny, cute, perfect and... I squealed (no lie, asked Stephanie) who needless to say, thought I was crazy but little did she know. It was the one (especially after I found out it was only $15!).

Senor Aloe has finally been raised off the ground and is that much closer to basking in the sun's beauty. With the hot, hot, heat outside, I brought this little guy back to life inside the house - though hopefully since it is November, he will soon be relocated back outside for full on sun. Thank you random store. I will revisit you next year.

Yearning for more? A couple more things I picked up...

I hit the jackpot at Paul Michael this year from the rusty ampersand (#1) that a fresh coat of paint will bring back to life to the on sale Halloween ribbon (#3) which was half off holla. I also grabbed the 3 velvet pumpkins (#4) in hopes that they will grace our dining room table centerpiece on Thanksgiving. The hand (#2) was from the random store where I snagged the stool and, for only $2, I think it looks eerily familiar to almost every hand jewelry stand out there. Lastly, the bread bowl (#4) was from a store in the Arbors where I got the sugar mold last year and yes, I already have another purchase ready for next year from that same store. Who would have known random wooden pieces would be such a favorite of mine?

What else did I score? Loads and loads of Christmas decor and the goods to make an over the top autumn wreath. Spoiler alert: it's glittery, orange, and rather large. Whoop.

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