Friday, November 11, 2011

Gotta get down on Friday

It's Friday! I'm working (on my off day) and Huynh is golfing --- jealous but not because it's 36deg outside. The client is in the office --- and from a place where low never dips below 50deg. She's freezing and on her way to buy a heavy coat.

I love Houston.

So I have the best boyfriend. Not only did he take me to Nutcracker Market yesterday, he wandered aimlessly with me through the mad crowds of women, waited patiently as I shopped in teeny booths, and yes, even carried my bags. I know right.

Truthfully, I only had two things in mind that I wanted to be sure to get and score. I have four nieces that will love these for Christmas, especially after we get them monogrammed with "Texas" and "Tech"! Oh to be 6 years old again... Molly would have LOVED these.

Also, yesterday, I got those pesky sale emails from West Elm (really, obsessed.) and Huynh sent this bedding to me. I love it! It's on sale!

And I want to recreate that entire room.

Lastly, it's that time of year again for Williams-Sonoma's Bay Leaf Wreath!

I was debating this year whether to order one but seeing the pic is making the "not order one" decision a tad harder to choose than anticipated. I have time though; Thanksgiving is in Wichita Falls so I wouldn't order it until after then. Let future Sarah decide!!

Big plans this weekend filled with family, friends, weddings, wreath making, stool tufting, Christmas shopping, crawfish eating, football watching and general tomfoolery. I worked a ridiculous amount of overtime so I am ready! Bring it.

Sidenote: The post title is from Rebecca Black's song "Friday" --- I know, I know --- regardless, the dang thing is catchy and it's either that or "T.G.I.F." which is equally as catchy but I can't quite chant while I'm sitting at my desk, so I quietly sing "Friday" while bobbing my head ever-so-slightly as to not draw attention to my excitement. But I digress.

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