Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Only Wednesday?

We have been a whole lot of busy doing a whole lot of nothing. With our days filled with things like work, bowling, and Monday Night Football, there's not much time for crafting or even home improvement. We have a ladder sitting in the dining room with big plans to move over the fixture; we have an unfinished coffee table in need of a good sanding and darker stain sitting in the entry way. I have a half-finished stool in the garage also waiting for stain and Huynh has drawn out a new crate for Gatsby with hopes to build something that even he can't tear down.


Since I have absolutely nothing to share with you (other than sushi happy hour is divine and my bowling score keeps improving), I will leave you with some serious eye candy. I wanthavetohaveorelse a Eames Wire Chair in my life thanks and hook 'em. I would even settle for the rocker. Ridiculously swoon-worthy. Have a good hump day.

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