Thursday, December 1, 2011

Brr and other randomness

With the weather finally dropping here in Texas, it's probably about time to bust out the blankets. How deliciously gorgeous are these from Williams-Sonoma? They are cashmere, monogramable, and the colors... swoon. Me likey.

In other news, we watched 2 out of the 18 Black Friday movies we snagged... Horrible Bosses and Hall Pass. I think we laughed but in our antibiotic delirium, you can't be sure if they were actually funny. Regardless, mindless enjoyability all the same.

Anyone else watching New Girl? Hilarious. Schmidt is my favorite - the dude drink Midori Sours. Not that I'm dissing those green drinks of deliciousness, I have been known to enjoy them back in the day. But come on! So funny. I cracked up at:

"Do you really want to go down this path?" - Nick
"Is this a path you recently fixed?" - Schmidt

"Wait, I need to grab my cardigan" - Schmidt

Haaaaaaaaaaaa. I could keep going but I will spare you the laughter. Don't want you drawing attention to yourself at your desk, now do I? :)

Happy December 1st! I'm slightly freaked - we still have 5 more people to purchase gifts for - not including ourselves or Gatsby - but thrilled to be spending my first Christmas with Huynh's family! I can't wait to learn their traditions and eat dumplings. Yum.

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