Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Carrot cake delicious-iness

I made these carrot cake cupcakes and seriously... the sky opened and angels sang as the sun came out and temperatures warmed back up to the 70s, my basil grew, and Gatsby stopped barking randomly at the air.

They are that good.

The Fauxmartha was featured on another favorite site of mine, The Yellow Brick Home (see: The Pet Shop), and had me at "Chicken Pot Pie" um hello. I then spent almost the entire car drive home from Ft. Worth, with exception of the AT&T dead zone around Bryan/College Station (no surprise there ha!), oo-ing and aa-ing over Melissa's amazing photography and simply delicious sounding recipes.

Since I am most definitely not a baker but an excellent recipe follower, I went with the recipe for Carrot Cake - I'm a big fan of using whole wheat flour whenever possible - while following the cooking directions for cupcakes. They turned out perfectly yummy.

Head over to The Fauxmartha and check her out seriously. Next on my list is this, this, and, oh yeah, I made this last night too. My house is going to be smelling delicious!

Tonight is Christmas with the Miller/Schier clan - where I hear chicken fried deer and mashed potatoes are on the menu - along with a celebration of my parents 42nd wedding anniversary... where, yes, these cupcakes will be making their grand appearance. See you tomorrow!

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