Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ikat lust

I've been on the look out for a cute, ornate, rice (read: small, handheld) bowl to go with our Great White Dinnerware for a while now... and nothing was cutting it. It was either too girlie, too small, too big, or, well, too ugly.

But that all changed.

I went crazy at Anthropologie this past weekend (bought this, this, and this, ya know, to name a few things I grabbed while trying to avoid crazy Christmas crowds) but what I was really excited about were these grey ikat nut bowls.

Nut, rice, same diff?

I scoured the store for more and came up with 4 total. Not enough but close enough knowing that not only are they Huynh approved, but there is another Anthro even closer to our casa (in City Center where we grabbed 3 more) that I can check as well as they are also online.

Oh yea, and I have the coolest sister ever who picked up 5 of the bowls for us at the Woodlands Anthro bringing our total to 12. BAM.

I love a good deal.

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