Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Table, revealed

76 days, countless emails, even more shipping checks, and two phone calls later, we finally got our table! And since we clearly have a rather large affinity for food, I am pumped.

It's so shiny! Smooth! Classic! I haven't gotten around to the actual decorating of said table, but man alive.

I am glad it is here.

I love how it looks with our floors and rug. It feels good to walk into the house now and have it feel just that much more completed and put together. It was the grounding force that the house needed.

When we finally decided upon a table, we always knew that we were going to need to shift the overhead light fixture back towards the wall in order to get the rug and table out of the swing of the front door. The builders picked the center of the room to hang the fixture (makes sense) but yet, extremely unpractical for table placement. But before we moved the light back, we also wanted to wait until we got the table to make sure that it was actually required (it was) and get an accurate measurement of that distance.

Huynh was on a mission.

We found an 18" medallion that would work and shifted the center of the fixture back 6" - any further and we wouldn't have been able to cover up the old hole... and the whole reason for doing this was so there was minimal ceiling patching involved. We still haven't fixed the accidental hole in the ceiling of the hallway... we weren't about to make another purposeful hole!

But, that 6" gave us the clearance we needed and the look we wanted.

I had intended on decorating the table for Christmas... but seeing as though it is mere days away, I believe I will leave it as an empty palette until, oh, I don't know, Valentine's Day? Either way, I am on the look out for a runner, chargers, and decor. And, I have already caught Gatsby napping underneath it - as if he knows food will one day sit on top - so I know he's a fan.

I love it! Who wants dinner?

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