Thursday, December 29, 2011

2012 resolutions

Resolutions... goals... either way, we each have six. Mine on the left, Huynh's on the right. All measurable, all of varying necessity.
  • I have to start waking up early on workdays... so we can carpool to work. Also, so I can do fun things like eat breakfast, snuggle the dog, and pack a lunch. Huynh likes to be out the door at 6:30 so to be fair to him, my alarm must go off earlier than 6:35. It's going to be painful.
  • We definitely need to workout more! We sat on the ground to make dumplings this past weekend and in standing up, I thought my knees would never forgive me. Hello, I'm 27! That should not be happening. So we will be all about cardio, stretching, and weights for the next 312 days.
  • In line with a work-out, we need to work on our diet. So, we have made a vow to forgo all drive-thru restaurants for the year. Sorry Chick-fil-a, Luby's too. Starbucks? A no go. The hard one for me will be Sonic. I crave their burgers (random, I recognize).
  • The next two are pretty self-explanatory. Cám ơn!
  • 18 books? That's one every 3 weeks. Doable. Drink less alcohol? Start limiting drinks to actual special occasions and not invented ones - yes, we have been known to raise a glass "to boredom". Say good-bye to empty calories!
  • Lastly, we need to cook more. Eat more leftovers. Only go out to eat lunch on the last workday of the week. Perfect pho. Invent a good phamily chili recipe. Make pasta. Ya get the drift.
We also have other random ones like "work on the house", "teach Gatsby to shake", "drive less on the tollway" and "watch less TV" but those, I figure, will happen naturally, especially since we are toying with cancelling cable... though teaching Gatsby to shake is proving to be difficult (he's so stubborn!).

So there it is... all out there. Now we have all of you to help keep us accountable :). Happy New Year! Cheers to a good 2011 and the hope of a wonderful 2012.

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