Thursday, December 22, 2011

Longhorn goodness

Inspired by this picture of the longhorn we purchased a while back, Huynh decided to create his own wooden backdrop for our very own Bevo to hang on our decidedly un-wooden walls.

We had some left over 4x4s from the making of Gatsby's crate just lying around the garage that he cut to various lengths and then screwed them onto one singular plank, equally spaced apart.

I picked this stain with the hopes that it would be close in color to our dining room table (it is!). I fully intend on using it on the stool (for the entry way/dining room) and the coffee table (for the living room) - help to bring the warmth of wood tones into the furniture in our house.

Huynh also jumped on the Red Mahogany bandwagon and used it on the back drop. I think he's a fan of the color too.

He stained all of the pieces - including the undersides and the back brace, found some studs, and went to work mounting our steer head.

That sentence sounds manly.

Our Bevo now resides over the entrance to the hallway and watches over people as they walk into the house. It will also look good with the horseshoe I'm on the lookout for to hang above our front door (for luck!). Who said that a mid-century modern contemporary house couldn't have a touch of western?

And yeaaa, I can honestly say that Huynh did it all - I have such a crafty boyfriend. I love it!

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