Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Do you catch yourself during TV shows focusing on the set and wondering/dying for the set decorator to come to your house and just make it look exactly the same? Just sayings that I would pay good money for the set decorator of Parenthood to come and makeover our little 'ole casa de Richmond. 

Good money.


On Big Bang Theory, I love Sheldon and Leonard's nerdy style of their apartment - so appropriately them - but more importantly, Sheldon and Leonard have dual cereal dispensers. Yes, I love their kitchen tile backsplash, and yes, I too want a frying pan hanger and a butcher block island, however, what did I focus on? The cereal dispenser. 

I like my cereal, what can I say. 

Recognizing the nerdiness that is laced through that statement, obviously Huynh and I needed our own set as well.

Clearly we are cool. One has Kashi GoLean Original; the other has Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Both, however, help us get out of bed, especially when mixed. And it gave me a good excuse to detour through that part of Target because really, isn't that what it's all about?

I love that show.