Monday, October 24, 2011

Paint colors

Our house tells quite the color story.

{1} Trim: Behr Ultra Pure White #UL260-14
{2} Main living areas: Valspar Holmes Cream #3004-10B
{3} Master bath: Olympic Camel #D-213
{4} Guest bedroom: Behr Brown Teepee #700D-4PP
{5} Master bedroom: Olympic Sauteed Mushroom #D-214
{6} Kitchen: Valspar Spanish Tile #1010-5
{7} Office: Behr Grey Timber Wolf #760E-3U
{8} Guest bath: Valspar Blue China #5001-8B

I have been in love with Olympic Sauteed Mushroom since I very first started even thinking about decorating a house so when it came time to paint the master bedroom (which was green at the time), I knew immediately that I wanted this rich tone to compliment the dark furniture and light textiles. On that same card in the fan deck, one shade lighter, is Camel so we snatched that up for the (also green) bathroom. Huynh actually picked out all of the other ones when he moved in - quite the trendy and on point bachelor - which I actually really like as well. The Holmes Cream appears pink in tone but I think it has more yellow in it that the tester shows; the Grey Timber Wolf reads more violet in our rather dimly lit room. Also, I claim the trim is Ultra Pure White but really, the trim we have painted is that color... the rest of the trim is still a mystery.

{1} Behr Belgian Sweet #700D-6
{2} Behr Neon Light #380B-5
{3} Behr Chianti #S-H-150
{4} Valspar Deep Sea Diving #5001-8C
{5} Martha Stewart Living Pewter #MSL275
{6} Behr Sparrow #780F-4
{7} Behr Dark Granite #780F-6
{8} Martha Stewart Silhouette #MSL280

For our accent colors, Belgian Sweet is used on the entry way "wall" whereas Neon Light is used on the breakfast nook chairs/new stool to come soon! Chianti is, of course, the color of the front door which I'm still ridiculously in love with. Deep Sea Diving is ... hmm ... the toilet room in the master bath? Is that what you would call it? Pewter is used on the new entry way table and Silhouette is used on the umbrella box that sits next to it. As for Sparrow and Granite? I have gotten the most use out of those two complimentary colors. They make appearances on frames and the wine rack just to name a few. I actually use those colors so much that they stay under the kitchen sink for fast retrieval.

I feel like our accent colors scream "us!" whereas our main colors scream "resale!". We definitely play it safe on the major palette and have a little fun on the accent palette. But by doing so, I think we have so much liberty in textile choices... Oranges! Navys! Heck, even purples and light blues. So now that I have all the colors documented and in one place, maybe I won't be so tempted to repaint and start all over (I think Huynh just had a minor heart attack when he read "repaint").

I'm off to work on this mystery new stool that I spoke of - complete with painted legs! A hint? It looks eerily close to this without the price tag. Wish me luck!

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  1. Huynh here just to correct Ms. Sarah's memory. The master bedroom was never green. It was once baby blue, a manly baby blue! And heart attack at repainting? Meh, it's something to do - I get bored easily!