Thursday, October 13, 2011

Redemption. Please?!?!

Here's my attempt at the blogging since Ms. Sarah's a little tied up at the moment - a little thing we call work that gets in the way every now and then.

So what would my first post attempt be about? Sports, of course; or at least support for my Alma Mater.  Last week we didn't  do so well against one of our major rivalries, but maybe our house decor project for this week will help us win against the Cowboys - wishful thinking.

That's not exactly the backdrop anywhere in or around our house.  The assembled decor is currently sitting in our office waiting for a wall to be hung on, but I must say it turned out rather nicely.  It's a 3D puzzle that was very simple to assemble.  AND it's made from recycled paper! GO GREEN! Wait, I mean go Burnt Orange! Either way it's a Win-Win, hopefully on the latter also.

Who are you rooting for?

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