Friday, October 28, 2011

Family first

Including Huynh and myself, we have 25 people in our immediate family. Twenty-five. Two five. I have... my parents, sister + family (4), brother + family (3 + 1 on the way!) and Huynh has... parents, brother + SIL, sister + family (2), 2 more sisters and 2 more brothers. And that's not even mentioning how close we also are to our aunts, uncles, and cousins plus all the other significant others!! So, getting together the entire family is quite the joke but even just one side or the other proves problematic.

My goal is to have enough seating for everyone though - pretty lofty - and at least enough dining space for the adults - booting the kids to the kids table (didn't you love sitting there when you were young?). The dining room table should seat 7; the breakfast nook table seats 5. The bar then seats 2 so that puts us up to 11. While we don't have room for another table, persay, this table popped up on (where else) West Elm the other day and I think we need to grab it up!

It's collapsible, red (what up!) though it does come in white and, most importantly, seats 6! That gets us just one away from having all the adults at a table but heck, with 7 kids under the age of 8 it's not like we are all eating at one time anyways. Right?

Of course then we would need these chairs. Obviously.

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