Thursday, October 20, 2011

"Petite Buffet"

I search Craig's List nightly. Mainly key words like "Buffet" or "Sideboard" but either way, I sit for hours flipping through all the new pieces of furniture that owners are selling that would look perfect on our very bare wall in the living room.

The other day, the words "Petite Buffet" caught my eye and not one to pass up a buffet I clicked on the link and found what I had been looking for. The price was right but the dimensions? Not listed. I feared that "petite" was going to be too small for the buffet that I am actually looking for to go in the living room which needs to be at least 55" long... but I emailed Jannet anyways.

She was so prompt in her response that this buffet was 48" long (oh, and the price was negotiable! woo-hoo!) so even though it was a tad too short for the long lost buffet of my dreams, it was perfect length for an entry way table to replace IKEA!

Howdy pillow was moved to the new chair, the bench shifted to the office, and the new entry way table found a new home!

Regardless that there might be too many "P"'s, I can't help but be excited that our keys finally have a place to land on this new Martha Stewart Pewter painted piece of goodness. 

Still some loose ends to be tied up - covering the socket since now it's basically framed and fixing the right door that doesn't stay closed - but easy enough for a weekend project. Surprisingly, Huynh is supportive of its curved lines - perhaps the grey won him over? And though I have no idea what I will store in here, I am sure that it is only a matter of time before it is full. 

Meanwhile, the office is looking a tad bit better.

The TV stand (originally in the living room)/TV stand (in my bedroom when I first moved in)/bench/now turned bookshelf will hopefully find some organization when I get around to it but at least it's getting the books up off the ground (and our bowling shoes out of the dining room since I don't want you to think that I think those pink and white tennis shoes are actually cute) for the time being. 

But enough about the thrown together office. Back to the fun part!

Well, hey, good lookin'.

So left in this entry/dining room:
There you have it. My ode to Craig's List.


  1. No lie, I found that same one on CL! I'm looking for an entry piece, too. Love her stuff! Guess I'll keep searching...

  2. Ha! Keep on the look-out for her stuff, she has a lot! Sidenote: update your profile... 3 years? :)