Thursday, October 6, 2011

Painted furniture

{pottery barn}

I have been in love with the Pottery Barn Nautical Entryway Cabinet since it first came out... in 2008. At the time, I wasn't quite in the position to drop $900 on a piece of furniture for my teeny apartment and once I moved into the house I knew for a fact that Huynh and his brother would have laughed it right out the front door.

But I love it and all of its whimsy glory.

We have discussed building a fauxdenza for this wall in the living room but the more I think about that blue painted piece, the more I am leaning towards craiglisting a buffet - found a 71.5" dream last night and hopefully will get a response soon! - and painting it navy. I know, dark rich colors are near to impossible to paint evenly so I've already started reading up on tips.

And I'm even beginning to eye hardware that will help to steer clear of going too far nautical. What do you think? Think I am crazy for wanting to tackle another furniture refinish job?

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