Monday, October 3, 2011

Half-official dining room

We finally did it.

We bought a dining room table!! Yes, it's on 10-12 week back order so right now we are sitting our plates on ... well ... air but still. I am so excited! So, the dining room is still only halfway officially a dining room but hey, it's a step in the right direction.

Ignoring the hurriedly taken iPhone photos on the way out the door today, you can see a nice little peek at what's to come. The inner blue tape is the table and the outer blue tape will be the rug. Wall to wall, it's a pretty close fit... especially with our little splurge on comfort.

Also, besides the whole "we will be lucky to be eating at this table come Christmas" issue, you might have noticed that the chairs and bench aren't really that in line with the tape outlines.

The blue dot in the center marks the center of the light fixture above. Once I centered everything off of that one point, we rather quickly realized that the front door would be blocked by the rug and you would open to the corner of the table. Not a fan. So our next plan is to shift the light over about a foot or so towards the back wall - ridding the front door problem, while still allowing someone to sit and move about back against the wall comfortably. The negative? This eliminates any storage that I could have squeezed in the back corner.

Now, I'm on to art work possibly? Maybe another gallery wall because I am obsessed?

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