Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I finally got around to "carving" our pumpkins this year! We will be bumming in Wichita Falls this weekend, visiting the fam, so I wanted to go ahead and bring a little bit of spook to our nha before crunch time so I grabbed these beauts at our local grocery store.

Woo-hoo. Gatsby was thrilled.

Do you sense a trend with Gats watching me work? He is such the follower. After awhile, he did get bored with my taping, painting, goodness and did go back inside (only to go through my overnight bag from the bachelorette party, take out the goodie bag, grab the peanuts, and make a run for it).

While that excitement was going on, I taped off baby pumpkin with a stripe - keeping it simple - and daddy pumpkin was adorned with... a whole lot of blue tape.

Okay, okay, I drew out Frankenstein! Scary.

I took an exacto-knife to my sharpie rendition and peeled off the paintable part. I did pierce the pumpkin on more than one occasion but did not go all the way through.

After I went to town painting (with MSL Silhouette, of course), I pulled off the tape to reveal... paint seepage.

Not a lot, and if it wasn't almost 10 before I finished this project, I might have stayed up later to wipe off the still very wet paint. Oh well. More spookier, perhaps? Gives it character? Either way, 5 more days until candy fest!

I think we need a wreath.

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