Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Back in April, when our friends Pam and Jason got hitched, we spent the weekend in Austin, eating brunch, munching on cookies, and even managed to squeeze in a trip to West Elm.

Enter this chair. I sat in this chair in the Austin showroom and desperately wanted it. But at the time, we weren't quite in the market for new furniture, coupled with that we were out of town, we walked out of the store with just living room couch pillows.

But I never stopped thinking about that chair.

So when we finally bit the bullet so to speak and bought a new dining room table, I knew that my time had come to also pick up this chair.

It is so comfortable and fits in perfectly with the decor. We tossed on a couch pillow and also got the Martini Side Table to sit next to it.

I absolutely love it.

As does Gatsby. Can't you tell with his thrilled look of excitement?

We aren't close to being finished with this room but my indecisiveness in picking out a rug along with my seemingly inability to pick out a coffee table has definitely made it feel like we have been working on this room for months. And if you go back to the original list for this room, it looks like we have made zero progress:
  • New rug
  • Sideboard
  • Side table
  • New coffee table
  • TLC
So, I guess by definition this addition falls under "TLC" and probably "Side table". Regardless, every little bit helps!

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