Monday, October 31, 2011


I had big plans for this wreath.

I bought the form at Michael's and hit up the Dollar Store for 3 boxes of 300 brass thumb tacks. I mean, SURELY 900 thumbtacks would be more than enough to cover this wreath... the duel holiday, just by changing out the ribbon, bright, shiny wreath. So when 900 tacks only covered half of the form, I was off to the Dollar Store for 3 more boxes, only to find out that they stopped selling brass. Like wha?

Silly me also waited until Friday to plan for Halloween so I frantically went across the street to Michael's for a quick wreath plan B.

I grabbed yet another form - I'm not giving up on previous brass spectacular that easily - a black feather boa, black foam board, and black glitter. I grabbed the orange ribbon that I had on hand and went to town wrapping the form, after spray painting it black first just in case there is some green show through (which I can already see there is. Darn.).

I cut out the bats from the foam board and used the old school glue stick and sprinkle method to bedazzle. Those were then glued directly to the ribbon using spray adhesive.

It's definitely more cute than scary but for the self-inflicted time crunch, it works. Bring on those trick-or-treaters! Happy Halloween, y'all.

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