Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Purse woes.

My purse ends up everywhere. Literally. I feel like I walk in the house and just throw it at whim and hope that it lands on a flat, fairly clean surface.

Yes, I am talking about my purse and therefore this post has zero benefit to Huynh. Eh, you win-some, you lose-some right?

But, back to my purse woes. Most of the time, it ends up on our entry way shelf. Some of the time, it'll weasel its way into the kitchen and other times, all the way into the bedroom. Monday was one of those days that it ended up on the kitchen counter because, well, frankly, I was more excited about the delivery of our new dining room rug, and less excited about the placement of the 10lbs bag that I choose to carry daily though it apparently EATS Adele tickets. So last night, I decided that it was time for a more dedicated place for my bag of choice.

Exhibit A: the laundry room wall.

This wall just happens to be right at the corner of the laundry room and the hallway, which just happens to be the exact place of the alarm.

See. Light switch, meet alarm, meet light switch. And, this picture just further proves to me that our hallway is in fact REALLY yellow in tone - note that the laundry room and hallway are painted the same color. I mean, really, really, yellow. Considering we just painted it from the builder's white that it was for years to this color to match adjoining rooms, the hallway is not in rotation for a change... I'm just going to have to figure out a better way to capture this dark space on film... or perhaps change out light bulbs?

Back to the bag, I grabbed this hook awhile back and just never had the right place to put it. It's a little bit country, not at all rock-and-roll, but a very non-subtle nod to my love for all things Texas so I knew that it would look perfect in this little nook of our house... and even more perfect that it's hook was large enough for my 12lbs purse (yes, it gained weight as I typed this). 

It took screw brackets and some oil-rubbed bronze spray paint to tone down the screws but the star is securely mounted and not at all in danger of falling and scaring our furry creature... okay, or me. Still. We'll see how long this lasts... especially knowing that said furry creatures teeth marks are still in the trim and, unlike the hallway, the laundry room desperately needs revamping. One day, we will fix this. Promise.

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