Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Umbrella Box

After Huynh made the guest bedroom headboard, we had a pretty decent amount of MDF left over.

I noticed after taking pictures around the house for the home tour that we had a lot of umbrellas. Everywhere. Living room, bedroom, random suitcases. Thinking that we needed to wrangle those up, Huynh went to work making us an umbrella box.

Using what we had, he built a pretty basic box using his trusty jigsaw. He made it to fit right by the front door between the window and the door frame. Keeping in mind this was back in August... it sat like this for a long time...

Draft parties, actual parties, and life took over a couple of weekends in a row but taking advantage of the rain this past weekend, I finally decided it was time to do something about this.

To give the box some dimension, Huynh added trim while I primed the front where the monogram "P" would go.

I printed the "P" onto card stock creating my own stencil. I took an exacto-knife to cut it out then used a pencil to trace it onto the box. I then cut in with the black, a good paint brush, and a steady hand.

It might sound weird but I actually really like the texture that the MDF creates. It looks homemade just enough but still looks great in the space. But my favorite part would have to be the trim detail.

Now I have the perfect place for my yellow umbrella and I spy the perfect spot for my Missoni rain boots... since apparently I think it rains in Houston all the time (it does not). A girl can dream.

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