Thursday, September 1, 2011


Well hello there. Welcome! Allow me to introduce us.

My name is Sarah - I am an engineer by day, DIY-er at night trying to make this house of ours a comfy home one project at a time. I realized the other day that I seek out design blogs for inspiration so why no put our own crazy ideas out to the world too? We are constantly working (and many times reworking) pieces that we own, pieces bought, and pieces that we build to appease our mid-century, modern, comfy, cozy, welcoming style.

My other half is Huynh who actually bought this house back in 2006 shortly after it was built. We met at work in January 2007 and became immediate friends. Fast-forward to 2008 which I was looking to move out of my teeny-tiny 3rd floor walk-up and outrageously overpriced apartment and Huynh just happened to want some extra fun money, I decided to move in! We remained just friendly until we realized that friendly to us was actually meant to be more so during the past year, we decided to start dating and, well, the rest is history.

While melding together love, life, and furniture (you know that great college, post college, classic and plastic stuff that everyone has), every room will be touched, everything arranged and rearranged. So from our nhà to yours, welcome. We hope you enjoy.

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