Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Kitchen redeux

Contrary to popular belief, or I guess I should say, contrary to the pans and boxes stored on top of the cabinets instead of inside the cabinets, we have a lot of storage in the kitchen… it’s just so horribly utilized.

Since we had a garage sale last weekend, I had already gone through a lot of the cups and dishes to pull out all of the college-esque ones that needed to be ditched. While junk drawers are a necessity, ours need to be organized and we really need to not have a junk cabinet. Huynh also has an affinity for sticking light bulbs in random places so those need to be wrangled.

What else… the pantry needs to be painted and reorganized, most of the cleaning supplies under the sink need to be moved to the laundry room where we have a cabinet just for them, and the Tupperware cabinet needs help. The cooking utensils drawer will barely close while we have a drawer on the other side of the stove pretty empty; the mixing bowls are stacked in a tower just waiting to fall into the floor when the next unsuspecting chef opens that cabinet. Phew.

 So this is what we came up with. My thought is to have baking on the left of the stove, cooking on the right. It looks like we have a lot of small appliances but I am hoping to get the majority of them into the bottom cabinet and then the overflow into the pantry. I also want all of the food in the pantry and none inside the cabinets – some will still sit on the countertop. And yes, we really do have that many K-cups that they deserve their own listing.

I would love to say that ideally this is exactly what we will do but I know that part of the problem is that you have to live with it for a little while to see if it makes sense. Either way, when I finish, I will get to cross a bullet of the list!
  • New counter top
  • New back splash
  • Reorganize
  • New rug
  • New faucet

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