Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Front Door Mat

It's finally here! I am so excited about this mat that I even ran to IKEA during my one-hour lunch - and for those who know ANYTHING about IKEA that making it through there in an hour is a feat in and of itself but then also adding in drive time plus a trip to Sur La Table for cookie cutters to wrap for the wreath and a drive through Jimmy John's to, you know, actually eat during lunch, I managed to make it back to work within an hour! Give or take... an hour. Close enough.

Nevertheless! I picked up a door mat on my run through IKEA with this project in mind.

I made my own stencil out using the font "School House Cursive" and taped off/covered the rest of the rug completely.

I had some Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint left over from painting the hardware that I knew would show up, on this material, close enough to black.

I first tested the stencil on our fabric drop cloth and decided that I didn't mind the overspray so I went right to work. And, I absolutely love how it turned out.

So, here it is. Our beautiful red door, newly painted hardware, and a new rug. More to do still, but yet, another to cross off the list!
  • Paint front door
  • Find a bench
  • Revamp front door mat
  • Potted plants
  • Add a wreath

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