Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pantry, tackled

Oh the pantry. You saw yesterday that I have big plans for the kitchen reorganization and, in trying to be organized myself, I realized that the pantry was the best place to start.

Starting from the top and working my way down, I pulled everything out. Before I set it down, I figured whether it was expired or not (you would have been surprised) and then organized it all out on the countertop.

Can you tell that we do most of the work at night? Hehe...
So, Huynh took out all of the shelves, then I vacuumed, cleaned, scrubbed and disinfected the entire closet… it needed it. Since the paint in the pantry was flat, I took this emptying opportunity to paint the walls the same color as the dining room.

Oooo purdy. And I’m not just talking about my favorite paint brush that I used to cut around all of those wall brackets in lieu of taking them out. Needless to say, painting took a tad bit longer than anticipated so we lived with our pantry spread out in our kitchen for 2 days before I was able to finish painting.
Huynh reinstalled all of the shelves and then I started methodically placing all of the goods back into it. At BB&B, we picked up a spice rack for the back of the door which hangs on the back of the door. Not ideal but we were hesitant to permanently attach it to the door until we figure out if we like it or not.

I was even able to pull down some of the things from the tops of the cabinets to store in the pantry now that there was more room. While I was at it, I also cleared out the spice and canned good cabinets, deciding that canned goods needed to be moved to the pantry along with about half of the things in the spice cabinet that weren’t really classified as spices, like flour, sugar, and pho mix. Much better now that it’s official that all of the food is in one spot.
  • New countertop
  • New back splash
  • Reorganize
  • New rug
  • New faucet
Yes, I realize reorganizing has little to do with décor (does painting count?) and more to do with my sanity but the entire kitchen is done organizationally! From start to finish it took about a week. And, wouldn't you know it, I actually am enjoying cooking even more.

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