Thursday, September 29, 2011

Member of C.A.

You know, C.A.... Crafters Anonymous.

It's an episode of Hoarders in my guest closet.

I blame it on Pinterest.

I go to stores like Michael's, Hobby Lobby, and the like, innocently enough, intending on only coming out with a can of spray paint and some card stock, and end up with 2 cans of spray paint, 2 terracotta planters, a wreath form, 2 bottle of acrylic paint, brushes, 1 roll of yarn, another roll of twine, 3 fake pumpkins and some letter stickers while completely forgetting the card stock because I was too distracted by the front yard Halloween decorations and spent the better part of a hour talking myself out of a cupcake decorating kit because really, I'm not a sweets girl... but I could be! Only if I buy those 32 bottles of sprinkles! And package of 6 frosting bags! And all of the nozzles!!

Realizing that I can't fit anymore in my cart - good idea, Michael's, to make your carts smaller than the normal grocery cart or else I would be in real trouble - I check out with 4 new projects that are going to make the house THAT much cuter!

Then reality sets in and I get home to an unfinished Texas wreath laying on the couch, an intended chevron blanket but really it just has one chevron stripe laying on the floor, a craft box that refuses to close, and overflow paint brushes under the sink. So I tuck my tail between my legs, place the newly purchased crafts in the guest closet, and vow to finish that which I have started first. And I'm ALMOST there!

Last night we buckled down and finally finish wrapping the letters for the wreath!... all while watching Modern Family. I love that show. But really, I am loving how they turned out.

This blanket is going to take FOR-EV-ER (name that movie!). Back in August, papernstitch posted quite the DIY weekend post and this chevron blanket immediately caught my eye. I was enamored from the beginning and knew I must do it. As I was reading through the Twig and Thistle post, she said that she got the idea from The House of Smiths who did a kitchen rug in the same print using an IKEA rug.

Well I knew then and there that I wanted to do both. Hello, I'm an addict.

As you may recall, we just recently painted our black breakfast nook chairs bright yellow and have already had fun practicing photography with them so I decided to bring this color into the kitchen by way of this rug. So on the last trip to Home Depot, I snagged this quart of a rather bright yellow that will be making a guest starring role on these two chevron printed textiles that will match perfectly with the breakfast nook. Someday...
I did manage to finish one though... for a special birthday boy...

Idea "borrowed" from Adventures in Renovating a Brooklyn Limestone, I made this for Huynh to be delivered to the office today - though his birthday is tomorrow, it happens to be an "off" Friday. His response?

Pham, Huynh [8:00 AM]:
such a gooooob!
I kinda love you

I think it was a hit.

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