Friday, September 2, 2011

House Tour, Part One

We will be keeping up with updated pictures and source lists on the House Tour page. For now, we thought it would be fun to post before pictures and get our lists out there and started.

Room-by-room, outside to in, let's tour this abode, shall we? Starting with the front:

Address blurred but I promise there are actual numbers there on the rock inset to the left of the garage.

Looks nice and track home-esque, eh? Let's try to fix that...

HOA requires that we have two live oak tress planted in the front yard but, since it's been 100+ deg down here, we have held off their letters until the weather cooperates with such a transplant. I also have a black thumb so succulents are a must for the pots that I intend on putting by the door. I would also like to replace the front door mat with something a little more us and a little less Bed, Bath and Beyond.

So the list as it stands today:
  • Paint front door
  • Plant tree
  • Add plants to patio
  • Find a bench
  • Get Bermuda grass to not grow
  • Replace front door mat
  • Perhaps a wreath

We haven't done much, if anything to the front of the house. It's been feeling pretty neglected. Keep us accountable.

Ompf, this is painful to put out the the world. Our backyard is p-i-t-i-f-u-l.

Hey, and a sneak peak at our breakfast nook chairs!

But really that's about all the good that's back here.

Back here, we are going to:
  • Build a patio
  • Stain the garden
  • Keep plants alive
  • Plant crape myrtles - because I love them.
  • Revive grass
  • Fix fence damage from Hurricane Ike

And while I am at it...

A formal introduction is in order. Meet Gatsby. I figured it was about time since his floppy ears and pointy tail kept randomly making appearances as I was taking pictures today. This beagle loves Pirate's Booty, snoring on his bed, and following us around aimlessly. What can I say. He's a keeper.

Tomorrow, we will show you inside!

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