Monday, September 12, 2011

Margs, Oh My.

This past weekend, a couple of friends and I hosted a wedding shower for our friend Becky! It was a couple’s margarita inspired, stock the bar shower Saturday afternoon and it was a hit.

Besides the tequila and adorable monogrammed cups, I was in charge of bringing the door décor and beer – but not just any beer, Huynh’s home brew beer. Homemade labels were a must which were surprisingly easy to make!

I took a scanned copy of the invitation, cleared out all the party information, and added a fun brewing company faux-name along with the beer type. These were then printed out on 3”x4” labels and were a cinch to stick on the side of the bottle.

As for decor, I kept it simple and went with a DIY wreath.

Truth be told, I actually made this wreath for another shower I hosted back in March for our friend Pam. It was an early afternoon cupcake party that (luckily) happened to have the same color scheme. All that I needed to do was change out some pieces and it was good to go! Since the house that we hosted the shower at did not have a hook on the front door, I spray painted a removable 3M hook oil rubbed bronze and got a tad creative with the hanger itself. The wreath itself is foam so its relatively light and the letters were a Hobby Lobby purchase that you can almost always find on sale. Each letter takes about 5 hours to wrap (while watching Storage Wars) and the heart is actually a cookie cutter also wrapped in yarn. It is so simple, albeit a tad on the time consuming side, to make but I always get the best compliments on it.
How was your weekend?

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