Wednesday, September 7, 2011

House Tour, Part Three

We will be keeping up with updated pictures and source lists on the House Tour page. For now, we thought it would be fun to post before pictures and get our lists started and out there.

You saw Friday the outside, Monday the main living, so all that's left is the bedrooms! First up is the master. It's right off the living room, has an en suite and a walk-in closet.

Ever feel like the room you should do first because you spend the most time in it, always ends up being last? Hopefully we can get this cleaned up and back under control. We just recently repainted - the bedroom was baby blue, bathroom was bright green - and added the hope chest at the foot of the bed.
  • Clean!
  • Lower the art shelf
  • Find a place for the mirror
  • Possibly a second sink?
  • Organize closet

Back at the front of the house, first room up is the office.

Ignoring the queso (I was hungry!), when I first moved in, this was my bedroom, the dining room was the office, and Huynh's brother lived in what is now the guest room. When he moved out and bought his own place, we were able to shift everything over a room to make better use of this space.

Well that shift just took place one week ago, so, needless to say, this room is still being worked on. We have a lot of books with no place to really put them; the 'needs to be reupholstered' chair was my Nana's - don't you just love the 1980s western motif? - and is too comfy and in too good of quality to ditch. The bookshelf was also hers which I love. And yes, it is super dark in here so lighting is a must.
  • Reorganization
  • Reupholster chair
  • Wall coverings
  • Fan!

Across the hallway is the utility room:

Small but efficient, all that is really needed in here is serious organization. We got the IKEA shelves because they were the perfect size once we decided to bite the bullet and stack the machines. We needed the storage space - aside from the master, this house is really limited on closet space - and these fit the bill. Lastly, this is where Gatsby's crate is tucked when we are at work, and the Houdini himself weaseled his way out one day and ate the trim. Add that to the 'needs to be fixed' list too.

Down the hall a bit is the second bath.

Once Huynh's brother moved out, it freed this bathroom for a mini-reno which included painting the ceiling back white (it was blue due to a slipped paint brush and laziness) and installing a light over the tub. It took easily three, and in some places four, coats to cover the ceiling but I think it really brightened up the otherwise teeny room.

Wrapping up the tour, we have the guest bedroom.

Since this room started out completely empty, it was much easier to tackle. We built the headboard, stained the furniture, and put up the gallery wall full of postcards from all of the places we have been. We use this closet to store the other nightstand and Christmas - because everyone knows I love me some Hallmark ornaments - but I still think this room could use more. Possibly a rug? Another type chair? Definitely a fan, though I love my Etsy score. Oh and an alarm clock... sigh, the list continues.

So there you have it. Our house. Now where to begin?

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