Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Small-ish "Art"

When we were first starting off decorating our house, we knew we wanted a small space for things that we dote upon and decided that the small sliver of hallway next to the alarm would be the perfect place. I love gallery walls so just decided to go for it and see where we ended up. I love that we can keep adding art to the wall (like the Texas state love print I just got the other day!) and love that we can change out and replace pieces without much effort.

First up is actually a card we snatched up in Key West this past summer. We had eaten breakfast at Pepe’s, had the best key lime bread, and in a full stomach euphoria, wandered in the cute little shop next door, aptly named “Red Door Gallery”. From my guest room wall, you know that I love me a good postcard, so when Huynh saw this card, I knew I had to have it.
Next to that is a self-portrait of Huynh and I – you’ve seen it before on our “Nha?” page – that we took in Nicaragua. There were four of us that got last minute tickets for the weekend, thanks to a Continental special, and ended up staying at this fantastic resort. We were walking to the front gate to catch a driver to take us zip lining, and were so hot and gross from the mile plus walk that we knew we had to capture the moment.

Above that is a picture of Huynh’s family – about half siblings, the other half cousins. He has so few pictures of himself from his younger years that I knew once we got a hold of one, we needed to do something with it! This one unfortunately was a pretty poor scan of the picture and thus the quality wasn’t much to write home about… so I ended up mounting to a wooden block scored at Michaels, added some modge podge, and I think it turned out really well!

I am a huge Jane Austen fan and am such a sucker for Mr. Darcy’s proposal to Elizabeth. Bored one day, I messed with this quote for awhile until I just decided to hit print and frame it. Hey, I might even need to get Huynh this shirt.
And then finally, my favorite. I commissioned half of the force behind Yellow Brick Home, Kim, to paint this adorable portrait of Gatsby, our loveable, four-legged character. She did such an amazing job that you must go check out her pet shop (and her blog!).

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