Friday, September 9, 2011

Wine Rack

Back at the beginning of May, Layla over at The Lettered Cottage posted fabulous pictures of an even more fabulous beach house in her latest e-zine. By about page 3, I was ready to move in and by page 9, I stopped in my tracks and realized that I had found the solution to our wine glass storage issue.

{picture from The Lettered Cottage}

Up until that point, we stored our wine glasses in the original boxes that not only took up a lot of valuable cabinet space but also caused more than a fair share to break while getting them in and out. Enter the repurposed window.

To be fair, our find was originally a mirror that we scored at an antique store. Huynh was able to take out the mirror, lightly sand, and paint. He drilled holes to thread the dowel rods through and added a bit of glue to make sure they were secure and then painted the rods a lighter shade of grey for contrast.

Then it sat. For months.

We were at a lost for how to hang this. You see in the inspiration picture that a wooden leg was used for support so at first we considered anchoring it to the column in the kitchen which was met with an "eh". Finally we decided on hanging it over the bar cart and anchoring it to the cabinet without actually damaging the cabinet. Right.

A couple of Home Depot trips later and easily 10 feet too much of chain purchased later, we realized that the window was actually pretty secure hanging straight down alone. And as for the wine glasses? They don't move even when you are getting another glass off.

Sure there is a tad but of sway, but I think it is perfect. Speaking of, I believe a glass is in store! It's the weekend after all, and in wrapping up this week at work, I think I deserve a nice cab. Have a good one.

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