Friday, January 27, 2012

This made me laugh out loud. You may not know this, but I am a big, big fan of Harry Potter. Big fan. So big that in 2009, we rented a car and drove to Chicago... and while this trip was filled with other things like...
  • I gambled for the first time at a casino close to Memphis, and lost,
  • Stayed at a hotel that had a pool shaped like a guitar,
  • Peered over the wall at Elvis' mansion,
  • Ate my very first Big Buford, now a road trip tradition,
  • Got my very first (and so far only) speeding ticket in Missouri, on a portion of road that was being patrolled by air cops - you've seen those signs, and they are true,
  • Saw the Gateway Arch in St. Louis,
  • Posed for photo booth pictures at Blueberry Hill,
  • Walked the Magnificent Mile,
  • Rode the elevator to the top of the Hancock Tower,
  • Took pictures under the bean - it's our profile pic!,
  • Played in the water at the Crown Fountain,
  • Drank way too much wine at Bin 36, and
  • Posed next to the Michael Jordan statue - next time, ask the cab driver to stay so you don't have to hike a mile to the El stop in what appeared to be the roughest part of town.

...the point was to see this exhibition. Yes, we drove nearly 1100 miles - only one way, we flew back - to go to a museum.

We even ordered room service and stayed in one night while in Denver and watched the marathon. Oh and this summer, we head to Orlando to go to Universal Studios. So, yes, I love this card like Harry loves Ginny and think it would look so fun framed in a kid's room. Perfect balance of organic and whimsy.

Since decorating a kid's room isn't quite on my radar yet, I instead snagged a Valentine's Day card from her shop for Huynh. See if you can guess which one...

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