Friday, January 6, 2012

One a Friday

We have extremely blank walls to the point that I sometimes walk into our house and feel like I am swimming in khaki. Now, it's a warm Sauteed Mushroom khaki but khaki all the same. It needs help... which is where Huynh stepped in.

He had this idea that we would use this little corner of the blogosphere of ours to show off our wall art dreams; and perhaps pick up a couple along the way. So, every Friday, be looking for some sort of artwork to pop up around here. Affectionately called "Art Project", it's gonna be fun.

Of course, first up is a bandana that I fully intend on framing. Hey, if Ivanka Trump can frame a scarf, surely I can frame a bandana - especially one that highlights Paris. Swoon.

This weekend, I'm hoping to get some things done around the house but we'll see how successful we are. My parents are coming into town to celebrate my niece's 4th birthday where we also intend on cheering on Houston to their first playoff win! Go Texans! TGIF. The week after a holiday always drags on way too long.

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