Thursday, January 26, 2012

Taxes and other musings


I filed my taxes last night.

Yes, I realize it's only the fourth week of January but, to be fair, all I need is my W-2 and I am good to go with a 1040EZ! It took all of 30 minutes and my return will be in my bank account in 72 short hours. Thankyouverymuch.

We were both in the office working on each of ours last night - which reminds me... I really need to take a picture of our dueling computer screens. I have the 21.5" iMac which is rather expansive on it's own sitting next to Huynh's "computer" screen which is actually my old 32" TV. It's comical. I find myself squinting at my screen at work - and I have two side-by-side. But I digress...

So we were sitting there next to each other realizing that this was the last time that I would file taxes - come on, you think I'm going to do it when we get married? Ha. Good one. And while this year, we both are getting a little bit of dough back, I'm terrified for next year. I have heard horror stories of the marriage penalty causing couples to owe thousands come tax time. And, knowing that 2012 is the year of our nuptials, this time next year I fear that I will be crying in my coffee.

While we are getting money back for 2011, it's going straight into savings to help curb 2012. Since all engaged couples apparently have a money tree growing in their backyard, I plan on trimming ours down to pay for things like five bottles of Remy 1738 (because we have priorites) and hope that this little bit of a return will hold us over.

With this, I'm sending out a plea to Uncle Sam to be gentle with us next year. I would like my wedding hangover to last as long as possible and not be snapped back into reality with a drained bank account. Well that and I really want these.

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