Monday, January 9, 2012

As I turn up the collar on my favorite winter coat*

We were busy this weekend... we had Friday off so Huynh golfed while I worked 11 hours of OT. Eleven. Whoopie-do. Saturday picked up when we drove up to the Woodlands to celebrate a certain cutie-pie's 4th birthday. She chose a Dora themed shindig complete with a bouncy house and a crazy good balloon man. He made whatever the kids wanted - which included anything from a Dora, to an angry bird, tiaras, swords, and the like. The kids loved it to say the least. My parents came into town for the celebration so the four of us managed to sneak away for dinner at Danton's which was delicious. We stayed up way too late Saturday watching football and talking so Sunday we took it easy... grabbed a bite at Ruggles Green, picked up a birthday present for me at Lululemon, dropped off my charm bracelet at James Avery (got this and this for Christmas to add to it), and snatched some fizzbanger bath bombs at Lush to die for.

So I need to up the moisturizer application in my daily beauty regiment so I went by Sephora to grab some Eye Hope. While I was there, I picked up a travel sized container of Hope in a Jar along with NARS The Multiple and Lip Gloss both in Orgasm. It really is the perfect shade of pink.

Huynh scored too with a bottle of Bleu De Chanel. He smells delicious.

Back to the grind. Happy Monday!

*No, it's not cold here... we have had some seriously beautiful weather - minus this morning when it poured rain and all I wanted to do was cuddle. However, I have been listening to Michael Jackson on repeat. Man in the Mirror really is amazing.

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