Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wedding ban

We are enacting a wedding ban around these parts (yes, already). Yesterday, at work, we realized that we were nothing short of worthless with all of the emails to vendors and general nonsensical-ness that comes with gathering up names for the guest list along with addresses and spouses names. To top it off, we also left work to drive straight to Events to order the wedding book. We chose a beautiful candlelight silk with a color on color monogram which will take... oh five to six weeks to come in. It'll be worth it. But still.

So, we decided that Monday will be our non-wedding day to, oh, I don't know, actually talk about our life, HIMYM, and what inappropriate outfit so-and-so wore to work that day (because you know it'll happen). We have alot of decisions to make regarding our big day but 99% of those decisions don't have to be made on Mondays. It'll give us a nice respite from the weekend - which we know will be filled with weddinginess - and a refresher to reconnect on a non-"Sarah gets her way because it is 95.5% her day". Yes, we have already assigned percentages to how much of this wedding is mine versus Huynh's versus my mom's. Spoiler: Huynh is in 3rd with a whopping 0.5%.

Oh but 'tis Tuesday today so I have free reign to show you the amazesh wedding cake topper I found on etsy. Seriously swoon worthy.

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