Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Coffee table fun

It's a long week at work... okay not long to most but long to those of us that really enjoy their 9-80s and the 36-hour week every other week that comes with it. This weekend we are planning on actually stripping, sanding, and staining the coffee table that my parents gave us that, yes, is still sitting in the garage. It has clean lines with zero storage so I have been eyeing this Jonathan Adler tray for a while now. I'm loving the greek key pattern in navy. Hawt.

Contrary to popular belief, we are working on the house still - and even now with more urgency at the upcoming onslaught of guests that will surely be pouring in at the end of the year. So this weekend, I am also going to clean out the coat closet and even give Gatsby a bath. He be stinky. More to come.

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