Thursday, April 12, 2012

Camera lust

I bought my current digital point-and-shoot camera eight years ago with a credit card that I secretly got when I was in college, jobless, and had no means to pay it off (Why yes, Suze, I have learned my lesson). I did no research, I just loved that it was red - okay, it was maroon - and a Canon so I was easily swayed and sold. I'm pretty sure before then I was still using my Canon Rebel SLR (notice the lack of the preceding "D"; didn't realize you could still buy it!) and getting prints made at my local Wolf Camera Store - it had to have the white frame around each print, obviously. 

My little eight-year-old digital point-and-shoot camera was a good camera until lately when it just decided it was time to cease working faulted in part to it being an antique and part to being just plan worn out (10,000+ pictures, thankyouverymuch). Not only was the megapixel less than one, it was becoming more and more noticeably delayed when attempting to capture the moment. 

I had begun to exclusively use my Canon Rebel Ti which while amazing at taking pictures, was not amazing at fitting inside the purse. Top that with a little question Huynh posed the other day, "Are we going to risk taking the DSLR camera to Ireland?", got me to thinking about the necessity of a new point-and-shoot and the joys associated with actually taking the time to research a camera and choose one not based solely on color. Ladies and gents, I believe I have found said camera. Let the penny saving begin.

P.S. Yes, we are going to take the DSLR to Ireland along with a point-and-shoot. It would be a sacrilege to go to the Cliffs of Moher and not have an amazing camera to attempt to capture such beauty though our point-and-shoot will be the main one we use and the only one we ask strangers to take our picture with (when we aren't using this).

P.S.S. This is totally happening right now.

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