Friday, March 9, 2012

Luck of the Irish

Last night we watched Hugo* and Like Crazy which got me to thinking... I have seven movies being released in March alone that I want to see: Detachment, Casa de mi Padre, Jeff, Who Lives at Home, Delicacy, The Kid with a Bike, Mirror Mirror, and, of course, The Hunger Games. Seven. I will basically be living at the theater. Since we have cancelled cable, we have also been watching more and more movies on Netflix. Have you seen Life in a Day? It's an intriguing documentary comprised of selected videos clips from over 80,000 submitted to YouTube all documenting life in 190 countries on one day; July 24, 2010. It's a rather fascinating glimpse at life; how we can be so predictable but yet so unpredictable at the same time. I ended the movie deciding that we were quirky, eclectic, but overall, likable and relatable. For the little over hour and a half, I was immersed in the strangers' lives slowly realizing that for everything that divides us, there are just as many things that unite. 

On that particular Saturday, I was in Amarillo cuddling my nieces so I know I was having a good day :).

Yesterday, we also decided officially on Ireland for our honeymoon! It was really a toss up between it and Switzerland but what it came down to was timing - Switzerland starts really closing down starting in October which would obviously be when we would be there. Sooo, done! Ireland, it is. I even went and bought Frommer's yesterday during lunch because I was so excited. We are leaning towards ten days there so let the planning begin. We head to Wichita Falls tonight to meet Lexie and play with the other kiddos - all six of 'em. It'll be a full house at Mimi and Pop's! Have a good one.

*Watching Hugo counts towards 1 of the 100 movies promised before I turn thirty (no. 12). Yay!

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