Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend, recap

This weekend was not only packed but went by way too quickly as was evidenced when we both overslept this morning.


Let's get on with this, shall we?

Thursday (close enough to the weekend?), for lunch, I went to La Madeleine. Huynh... well, I'm not sure if he is a fan or not but suspiciously, he always turns his nose up when I suggest it - as I do when he suggests Indian. It's not like I don't like Indian... I just like so many other things SO MUCH better. Huynh has a work lunch meeting every Thursday so I jumped at the opportunity to head over to La Madeleine for a quaint little lunch.

Yes, still on a diet but you will be impressed how this meal broke down:
Reduced-Fat Tomato Basil Soup, Cup
Calories: 120kCal; Total Fat: 9g

Caesar Salad with Chicken, Regular w/ fat-free Caesar dressing
Calories: 420kCal; Total Fat: 20g

So good right? Next time, I am going to get the salad without chicken which brings down the total meal calorie count down from 540kCal to 300kCal and still equally as filling.

And, it just looks so darn pretty.

Friday we went to Goodwill and Half-Priced Books to fill up our bookshelf that Huynh built. We ended up with ~69 books for less than $2 each! We got some classics (Canterbury Tales, Sense and Sensibility), some that we've always wanted to read (some Jennifer Weiner books, Bob Bullock: God Bless Texas, French Women Don't Get Fat), and other randoms (Why Do Men Have Nipples, Frommers: Virgin Islands, Visiting Picasso). We were this close to buying a set of encyclopedias but didn't pull the trigger. Maybe next time.

My guilty pleasure is buying books so you know I was in heaven... especially since we dined on crawfish afterwards. Yummy. By the way, those books only filled up only 1/7 of the bookshelf. Literally. We plan on indexing them. Yup, nerds.

Saturday night, we saw Meagan, Pam, Becky, and all of their significant others for a rowdy game of Kings. Of course, the only picture I took was of my PBR tall boy. This girl has class.

We went with the kids to the rodeo Sunday. The girls went to the concert while the boys rode rides - and won me a toy dog! It was both Anna and Lindsey's first time at a concert and they were mesmerized. All I can say is that young girls shrill scream at octaves only heard by dogs and Big Time Rush looks just like NKOTB. We also saw China Anne McClain who was so cute! And 13. I felt old.

We followed up the concert with a fried twinkie and fried snickers bar. Nice ending to a good weekend.

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