Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wall Hangings

And that just barely scratches the surface of all that I have bought to hang on the wall. I love me some art.

I have been all over the place lately. The wedding planning is obviously in full swing (we booked a photographer!), are still on a mission for a videographer, and have been shopping for dresses... as in shower, party, engagement picture, dresses. It's amazing how many you need to have. The Knot recommended something like "budget ~8% of your total wedding budget to miscellaneous". At the time, I thought that was absolutely ridiculous. If you are having a $100k wedding - clarify: we aren't - but if you were, that's $8000. You are telling me that you need to essentially have an $8000 cushion for things that you can't allocate into their other pretty categories? Maybe it's my math mind talking, but I would prefer knowing where that money is going to.

I say that as I'm looking at ties for groomsmen to wear that we are going to give them and I realize that 8% probably isn't too far off. It's not like we knew when we set the budget that I was basically going to have to have these because DIY slitting corks is near to impossible. So yes, my new clothing purchases also fall into that "miscellaneous" category but I couldn't resist! They were just too darn me.

I also go back and forth on whether we need a bench cushion for our dining room table. Admittedly, Huynh has always been on board and, in fact, pushes for it whenever we go into West Elm (using our West Elm dollars of course). The original offering was lackluster so I never pulled the trigger but their latest is pretty amazing... so I'm leaning towards yes.

Like I said, I'm all over the place.

As for work? Oh that. I'm currently trying to develop a calculation for PSVs in supercritical service. Yup, you see why I never talk about it here. Happy Leap Day!

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